Spirit of Stewardship – Volume No. 1

Listen to Spirit of Stewardship: Volume No. 1 with Jeremy Belsky







1. Eucharistic Adoration

2. Deciding which charities to support and how many

3. You don’t have to rich to be a good steward

4. Love: The root of goodness is sharing with others

5. Stewardship in sports: Nurturing a team ego

6. Teaching children examples of stewardship

7. Thank you: The attitude of gratitude

8. The ideal Christian steward

9. From selfish to unselfish: Sharing time with others

10. Sharing our gifts in a work environment

11. Actions speak louder

12. Children teaching adults about stewardship

13. We can’t take it with us according to GOD and the IRS

14. Communicating stewardship in a technological world

15. Stewardship of the environment: God’s creation of nature

16. Eucharistic Stewardship: Bringing Christ to people and people to Christ

17. Stewardship: A new spin on the money back guarantee

18. How stewardship differs from philanthropy

19. To tithe is to trust and be blessed

20. Guiding others into and about stewardship: The messenger becomes the message