The Moment of Now

Seventy is the sum of our years,

or eighty, if we are strong;

Most of them are toil and sorrow;

they pass quickly, and we are gone.

Psalm 90:10

 When was the last time you were motivated to do something and actually followed through?

I’m sure your intentions were sincere, but if you weren’t able to fulfill that task, what kept you? If you’re like most people, LIFE got in the way and you simply lost track of time and your desire in the moment to make it happen. As stewards of Christ and his teachings, you want to give back to the Lord in proportion to how he has blessed you. Sometimes that means slowing down. Other times we must quicken our pace. But it’s in that moment we make our decision.

In the past month I have adopted my wife’s 12-year old daughter, Brooke, and we welcomed a son, Josiah, now two weeks young. Time is more important than ever in my life. I’m making it a priority to slow down and value the time with my family. This is where I’m at today. Will life get in the way and take some of that precious family time away? I don’t anticipate that. I only plan to maximize NOW!

NOW is the time we gather at the dinner table and discuss our day.

NOW is the time I pray and play with my daughter.

NOW  is the time I hold Josiah during those late night feedings and form that father-son bond, and don’t complain about being tired. 🙂

Make NOW your time to do what you’ve been putting off. Make NOW your time to give back to your church, community, and family. Time is all we have. What does time mean to you?

With enthusiasm!

Jeremy, CAP®